By only investing in companies that have been selected amongst many to go through the Catapult process and then successfully complete the process, investors can act with the knowledge the deal flow is highly curated to present only companies with the best chance of success.

Step 1:

We ensure, that we select the highest quality companies that will yield the greatest return for investors in those companies

Step 2:
Catapult Accelerator

Our Catapult program improves the chance of each company being successful by optimising all aspects of each business to provide a higher certainty in their success

Step 3:
Scale & Growth

Growth, through constant monitoring and accountability we can foresee and address any issue that will arise on their business trajectory

Step 4:

We help each business with a dynamic funding approach that is tailored to the business, allowing it to adapt to market changes.

Step 5:

We ensure a well-defined exit strategy is set in place at the start to improve the chances of a good exit.