Catapult Fund

The fund provides a balanced portfolio approach to mid-term investor exposure to high return opportunities. The idea behind the Catapult fund is simple:


By only investing in companies that have been selected amongst thousands to go through the Catapult process and then successfully complete the process, investors can act with confidence knowing that while these are still very high capital return opportunities the risk is mitigated by the unique Catapult methodology.

Step 1:

We ensure, that we selected the highest quality companies that will yield the greatest return for our investors

Step 2:
Catapult Accelerator

Our Catapult program reduces the risk of each potential investment by optimising all aspects of each business to provide certainty in their success

Step 3:
Scale & Growth

Growth, through constant monitoring and accountability we can foresee and address any issue that will arise on their business trajectory

Step 4:

We produce a dynamic funding approach that is tailored to the business, allowing it to adapt to market changes.

Step 5:

We ensure a well-defined exit strategy is set in place to secure your exit options

Higher Growth,

Lower Risk

Every investor wants a higher return for a lower risk.


We have developed a simple but extremely powerful five-step model that ensures just that.

Check out our Portfolio of companies currently raising capital

Vasco Pay – FinTech

An easy and secure reloadable Prepaid Card backed by VISA and tailored for international and local students, overseas skilled workers and any VISA applicants. Much more than a financial account, the platform is coupled with a raft of discounts and special offers relevant to students together with personal advice and scam security.

i4Tradies – SaaS, marketplace

A cloud-based SaaS platform that provides a transparent, real-time connection and control between Tradies, their Management and Customers. It has a suite of tools that support the end-user, the Tradie, their Manager and any intermediary in the booking process. It solves the tricky problem of coordinating all parties thereby resolving billing disputes, reducing time to delivery, relieving Consumer frustrations and more.

Oz Medicann – Healthcare

Leading Australian Cannabis and Hemp cultivator that produces medicinal solutions, consumer products and education programs for medical practitioners. The short-term vision is to generate revenue and create financial security through a range of consumer products and designing and delivering educational CPD approved programs for medical practitioners.

Companies opening up for investment soon

ecoture – eCommerce fashion

Ecoture paves the way for a massive shift in consumer behaviour. Research shows that 42% of female fashion shoppers under 45 would rather choose an ethical product over a standard, even at a slight price disadvantage. Ecoture brings ethical and sustainable fashion within the reach of many everyday consumers making it cool to be conscious. Think “The Iconic” for ethical fashion. The business is currently growing 15% month on month in bootstrap mode.

CHEFIN – Food experience

A web platform that connects chefs with clients wanting a personalised food experience at home, office or an event. The CHEFIN experience is based on the love of food – bringing the creators and consumers closer together for unique foods, flavours and experiences. The business has expanded into the Chinese market early this year with a big potential to further scale in Australia and internationally.

Breana Liu – Service in the funeral industry

A transparent, modern, customisable, one-stop-shop for funeral services. Limited regulations have allowed integrity to diminish within the industry and strong movements have recently formed. The target segment is the Atheist population. Additionally the LGBTI, Asian and South Coast NSW, Indigenous, Patris, Motorcyclists, Fishermen and Pet communities open up further markets for Breana Liu.