If you have your product or service ready to go or just getting started in business. You may have had time to test the market but needs further validation to improve the product-market fit. Think of “Ready to Launch” to create certainty about creating success for your business on your terms.

Business Modeling

At the core of any business lies its model. What does the business stand for? How will it make money? What resources will it require to be successful? We have developed a unique process that makes it quick and easy for you, keeping it succinct while still ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

Value Proposition

To build a durable and scalable business you need a strong competitive advantage. It may sound simple, but most founders find it is anything but. One of the key tools at Catapult is our 360° evaluation of your business. We draw on the experience of our SuperCoaches who range from investors

Revenue Streams

Building a business successfully requires a high degree of resilience. The way we ensure that resilience is through the creation of a number of different revenue streams. Almost all businesses that come to us are at high risk because the revenue streams are not strong enough, not diversified enough or simply too limited. Catapult will work with you to identify new revenue streams to render you indestructible.

Key Resources

Physical, financial, intellectual and human – these are your key resources and the building blocks of any successful business model. They are the lifeblood of a strong business. Whether it’s your brand, systems, skilled team members or lines of credit, every business model requires them to generate value propositions and revenue. Catapult will help you strengthen your building blocks for the ultimate chance of success.

Key Partners

Strategic partnerships can help early stage businesses scale by optimising their business models, reduce risk, and acquire resources. Whether it’s an alliance between non-competitors for cross marketing purposes, joint ventures to develop new businesses or relationships to ensure reliable suppliers or services, they can prove invaluable for sustainable success. Catapult understands the importance of these relationships and will guide you through our list of connections to ensure total alignment.

Product Validation

Validating the need for your product or service is vital. It outweighs your team, the design, the pricing – everything. Without market validation, you’ll end up with a product or service with zero demand. You’ll burn through a huge amount of time and money. Catapult will not only walk your business through this rigorous process but offer adjustments to enable your business to be the best version imaginable.

What is in the program?

The Ready to Launch program has multiple layers of learning and doing. We understand that some areas you may be well versed in, others may need work, which is why it’s delivered in a flexible format.


What we also understand is execution is everything. We have structured processes and 1 on 1 coaching at regular intervals of the program to ensure you stay on track to success.


The Ready to Launch program is the culmination of decades of entrepreneurial experiences from people that have launched, grown, gone international and built up to significant exits.

What this process is ideal for

  • High-growth businesses unlikely to require external funding
  • Consulting, coaching, training and services type businesses
  • Early-stage businesses where you may not have quit your job yet
  • High-value product businesses
  • Businesses with a founder with deep subject matter expertise