Our signature program for early stage high growth businesses the Funding Success Program is a tiered program to evolve your business to maximise its attractiveness for lenders, investors or joint venture partners. In all cases, these are activities that will significantly increase your revenue & profitability and improve the outlook for your business.

Revenue, Strategy, Vision, Short Term Funding

Together we create proof of your revenue. It doesn’t matter what level your business is at, whether you just started or are turning over $400K+ per month, we tend to find revenue that is right under your nose, easy to execute on with short lead-time.

Systems, Processes & Procedures

Most businesses have CRM, CMS, financial systems etc sorted. But when we dig deeper into TOS, shareholders agreements, position descriptions and so forth, often becomes apparent that there is much more to do.

Board Members

In order to ramp up the commercial side and raise capital, you need at least two board members to join the business, forming an advisory board or a board of directors. We can connect businesses with aligned board members which take your business closer to success.

Financial Modelling

Based on the revenue model developed earlier, we construct a full-scale financial model to model different financial scenarios. The financial model will detail all areas from cash burn, valuation, and capital raise.

Investor Memo, Pitch Deck & More

Based on the Financial Model we write a formal IM (Investor Memorandum) and pitch-deck if you are raising equity capital. If your business is crowd–funded a full-scale campaign is developed with you, working closely with leading crowdfunding experts to make your campaign a success.

Capital Raise

We don’t believe in ‘pitching’ 100’s of investors. Instead, we find a match for your business and your personality amongst private banks, investment funds, and overseas investors, enabling us to secure the capital you need from just a few investors.

What is this process ideal for?

The Funding Success program provides the essential skills and systems for any serious business to scale and grow at an exponential level. This program is for any business looking at the following:


  • Pre/post revenue
  • Looking to raise capital first time
  • Looking to improve chances of raising capital
  • National/International scalability