Founders Message

The seeds for the creation of what has now become the Catapult Business Accelerator was sown in January 2014, in order to distil my work over 25 years across SME and corporate growth businesses. It was clear to me an opportunity in the market was rapidly opening up to assist more mature businesses (as opposed to startups) with their growth and funding. It seems everybody is busy dancing around the new effigy—the startup. And while the returns can be spectacular the chances are slim. What if there was a much more solid model?


That’s the basis for the Catapult Business Accelerator. Through a strong and stringent process married with a healthy dose of ‘thinking–outside–the–box’ we achieve off–the–scale results for serious SME business owners. We have put together three programs that work together, backed by a highly experienced team.


There has never been a better time to invest in yourself and your business to ensure you get the top results you’re destined for. I look forward to working with you and sharing this journey ahead with you.


Mike Boorn Plener

Founder, Catapult

Corporate Headquarters


Catapult Business Accelerator

Tank Stream Labs

Level 4, 17 Bridge St

Sydney, NSW 2000