This is a structured program tailored to senior managers and executives to attain one or more positions on advisory board or board of directors in private companies. If you feel this program is right for you, let’s schedule an interview as we regularly have growth companies looking for board members to sustain or boost their growth, reach, presence in the marketplace, capital access and more.

Over a period of just one year, we can help you transform into a professional director sitting on private company boards. We get you started on a journey which you can then continue on for many years.


For most people successfully transitioning into a board role, or a series of board roles is a significant turning point from a life path perspective.

Types of board roles and companies

Types of board roles and companies

You know best what your interests are and where your passions lie, and based on that we will work with you to refine and define your choices. You may choose to work with


  • High-growth early-stage businesses or startups
  • Mature businesses needing a turnaround
  • Businesses run by an ageing business owner in need of an exit
  • Growth businesses looking to expand internationally
  • Businesses transitioning from bricks-and-mortar to online
  • Not-for-profit and charitable organisations

Each has a unique profile and through working together in the coming months we’ll discover what suits you best, and how to best be prepared so you can be hired for exactly the right type of role.

Why we run this program?

Catapult’s core business is helping smaller companies become bigger companies; troubled companies create successful turnarounds, and exiting business owners achieve a rewarding exit. That is why we have developed a program to create board members to support the business founders and help their create success for everyone involved.