Keys to Success 2019

Location: Westpac Melbourne, 150 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Date: Thursday 17th October

Time: 1.30pm – 7pm

Keys to Success

Location: Westpac Barangaroo, International Towers Sydney, Tower Two, 200 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney NSW 2000

Date: Wednesday 30th October

Time: 2pm – 8pm

Is there a formula to success?

You know it’s not as simple as paint by numbers, but you still have the thought that there MUST be an easier way. At Catapult we set about getting to the bottom of the mystery. The result is the ‘Keys to Success’ system. We have in the past year alone analysed over 1,000 companies. Through this detailed analysis, we have learned so much about what makes a business great… or not so great.


We identified over 120 factors that routinely breaks a business and found what to do to prevent that from happening. We also found the 14 master keys that make it really sing. At the Keys to Success event we’ll focus on the top 3 that truly make or break a business. On the surface they look obvious (they are!) it’s what’s under the surface that counts.


We’ll take you through how to set yourself up for success by mastering the keys that are most critical to your business.


We have added these insights to our successful workshop series Keys to Success and this time gone all out, creating a half-day fully immersive and interactive session, jam-packed with goodies.


There will be practical further activities to take away after the event to make sure you get started with your the Keys to Success for YOUR business and you’ll have access to the full videos to replay key segments.


But… we’re not stopping there.

We’ll have successful entrepreneurs, investors and experts on stage to deliver insights throughout the afternoon.


With focus on three central keys:

  • Revenue—how to make more of it, without it costing you a cent
  • People—how to attract and retain great people that will help you drive the business forward
  • Capital—when why and how to attract it so you can do what you want in your business

…You will gain insight into how to Catapult your business to the next level.

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Thanks to Westpac, by attending Keys to Success you have the opportunity to WIN Financial Management Training for you and your team valued at over $300 per person.


In business, as in life, it is important to understand the story behind your numbers. Understanding helps you to make more confident financial decisions. Westpac’s Davidson Institute provides financial literacy training via live and recorded webinars and downloadable tools from their website


As a lucky door prize winner, Westpac’s Davidson Institute is providing one of their most experienced facilitators to provide face to face training for you and your staff. (Valued at $300 per participant).


The workshop includes:
Financial Management Module (2 to 3 hour workshops for 1-20 employees at your business premises):
One lucky winner will have the choice to select 1 of the following modules:

  • Measuring financial performance
  • Accelerating business performance
  • The relationship between price volume and costs (Breakeven)
  • Cash flow management
  • Going for Growth


We will be giving away 1 x session at the Sydney event and 1 x session at the Melbourne event.

Who is Keys to Success for?

  • Founders looking to scale the business
  • Business owners that have plateaued and looking for the next growth spurt
  • Directors looking to go national or international
  • Company founders with serious ambitions to conquer the world
  • Founders looking to scale using other people’s money
  • People looking to scale growth, even from a small base
  • Entrepreneurs looking to get their business off the ground
  • Small business owners looking for growth capital
  • High-growth businesses strapped for cash through expansion
  • Owners looking to leverage technology, inventions and the like for their next growth phase
  • Board Members

What you’ll learn

Key 1: The Key to more Revenue

How do you build a revenue machine that keeps producing year after year? And how do you do it without going broke paying for leads?


This session takes you through the step-by-step of building reliable revenue:

  • From lead generation, effective conversion to sales.
  • Are you doing it yourself or should you outsource it?
  • The power of other people’s lists; building revenue using other people’s customers, and getting them to love you for it.
  • Sell vs Buy: Would you rather have to sell to people or would you prefer that people want to buy from you
  • The role of the subject matter expert—don’t be a salesperson.


In the session, you’ll start working on transforming your business. What are the secrets to real sustained revenue growth month after month for you?


Work through your personal sheet for Catapult:Revenue to identify your priorities and actions to scale your business revenue for 2020.


Key 2: The People


People are not machines. They have feelings, good days and bad days, and it’s your job as the leader of your business to help them navigate their way through their daily lives so it has the least possible impact on their performance at work.


In almost every business people are an essential key to success. The question is: How do you find the good ones and develop them to be the greatest ones?


What is the difference between leadership and management? How will you grow the company with a much bigger team if you have to spend all day managing each one? Impossible!


Use the Catapult:Team tool to build your roadmap for what your team needs to look like and when. And use the tool to define clearly what are the values and beliefs that are most important to you, your cofounders, your team. And then see your team members blossom and take responsibility for their own tasks and their own lives like never before.


Key 3: The Key to Capital

When people see the Capital word they think ‘Capital Raise’. That might be part of your journey. Or perhaps it isn’t. Capital is, however, underpinning business growth at all stages. For most businesses the role of the bank as it was even five years ago has changed, so what are your choices and how do you work those towards your success.


  • Bootstrapping the pros and cons
  • Raising your first seed capital
  • Raising money from friends and family: Do’s and don’ts
  • When is the right time to raise capital
  • Scale vs Grow: Capital needs
  • Consumer vs B2B
  • The margin question: Why gross margin is important for your future capital health.


Work through your Capital Action Plan using the Catapult:Capital worksheet.


Panel Q&A

Our panel sessions are always very lively. Fancy grilling an investor why they don’t want to invest in you? Want to pick the brains of proven success? Want to know what it feels like when you’re running a much bigger gig? No question is off-limits here. The investors are here to be totally transparent, they’re here to help you understand what it will take to raise capital to grow your business.



Don’t forget the room is full of owners and founders with high growth businesses just like yours. They are people who are going places and are keen to get there sooner. Bring plenty of business cards – you never know who you’ll meet.

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Keys to Success
Keys to Success
Keys to Success

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