Turn up the attractor factor

I don’t mean to say you have to be pretty. But the new paradigm in marketing is clearly attraction marketing. If you’re not attractive to do business with you have to bully your prospects to say “yes”. Not a good look.

Attraction marketing can be ‘hard work’ though because you really need to be honest with yourself. You need to listen openly to the marketplace. Ensure you really are the most attractive you can be in the eyes of the marketplace.

Adjust your product, pricing, packaging, promotion and—most importantly—your positioning. Ensure that every move sends you in the right direction to make you super–attractive to do business with.

Does this happen overnight? That’s most unlikely. The cool thing is you can start your attraction on a small scale and see what happens. Run a small seminar, for example. Have just ten people in the room. Learn from that. See what worked and what didn’t. Adjust and run another one.

In this manner, you are gradually building your understanding of what people want from your business and from you as the business owner.