The gold is in the list

Whatever you do, whenever you meet a new person and get a new name, make sure you put them into your database. It may seem crazy at first but a few years down the track you will look at your list with awe when you have thousands of names.

This is NOT one of those tasks you can put off to ‘another day’ because another day happens to arrive tomorrow. And it could well be that tomorrow you need to start talking to your crowd (small or big) about your new product/service/event/launch/initiative, or just about your business on general.

There are plenty of free email/list management services out there, so go ahead and choose one, and get started. It’s an important element of building your attractor factor.

The moment you start building your list, start communicating, even if it’s only a monthly newsletter. Mark in your diary once a month to create a newsletter, and send it out that same day.

The importance of this is paramount. Think about if you meet somebody once, they never hear from you, and 12 months later you call them out of the blue. They’re going to say “who are you?” Not because they’re trying to be rude, but because they don’t recall you.

Using your list to stay in touch is such an easy way to become memorable, making it so much easier for you to sell, and to create other valuable relationships.