Rev up your revenue

The solution is actually really simple: Only sell 1-to-many! Most of us have tried sitting down with somebody, starting what essentially is a sales process.

Whether in the boardroom or at the coffee shop—the dynamics are the same. The trouble with this approach is that not only is it time-consuming but conversion without authority is harder than ever.

Switch your sales process to be a marketing process and aim to meet people mostly in a 1–to–many situations. Bank on the authority you’re building; it makes securing that next sale much easier.

If you do sell one–to–one, make really sure your prospect has been genuinely qualified. Find out:

Are they interested? (Do they want to work with you)

Are they interesting? (Do you want to work with them/ Do you have a product that fits?)

Do they have the budget?

Are they ready to move now or very soon?

If you don’t get a yes to all four what makes you think you can persuade them to part with dollars they don’t have, sooner than they’re willing to for a product they’re not really keen on?