OK, so why Catapult?

At Catapult we believe there is a way to grow your business that means you can be world–class, receive world-class support, while still keeping your world in order.


We believe that all businesses have more to give, no matter what stage you’re at.

Phase 1:

We have a strict intake process that ensures we don’t embark on the program with you unless we have a high level of certainty for your success. Find out if your business has what it takes.


Phase 2:

This is the core of the Catapult methodology. This is where you create the groundwork for your future success.



Phase 3:

While funding is by no means a universal panacea, it is a strong requirement for many businesses to truly get off the ground and develop to their fullest potential.

Phase 4:

This is the tricky part, stepping hard on the throttle so you move faster than your competitors without burning the business.

Phase 5:

When we begin the process with you, we start with the future in mind. Whether we’re creating long-term sustainability or a highly successful exit, you can rest assured that we’re the bigger picture people.


By ensuring we partner with industry leaders we can build strong relationships with the businesses within our Catapult program

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