Building Trust in Sales

Trust Fosters Success

Businesses are built on the foundation of trust. We must trust our clients, consumers, coworkers, and everyone involved in the process. Developing a business takes an ecosystem of interconnected parties through which information flows. It is essential that we have confidence in this information and the people delivering it so that we can rest assured that the parties we conduct business with are trustworthy. Creating a personal connection in the sales process allows for your personality and character portray the brand of your product to the person you are selling to. The development of trust is especially important in the sales process. It helps foster initial sales while leading to reoccurring ones.

Try to think of a time you made a purchase. More likely than not it was a result of your confidence in both the product and the person or people selling to you. They probably made you feel wanted, safe, and comfortable with their product and personal brand. If you have a product with a competitive advantage that is outstanding; however, it takes a trustworthy sales person to make the customer feel truly comfortable in your brand and product.

How you can build trust in sales

The development of trust comes from building rapport and showing a genuine care in the lives of those you converse with. Asking questions, finding commonalities, and understanding who your customer is and what they want help develop relationships that are essential to making sales. People love talking about themselves and their interests and by tapping into this you can gain the trust and confidence you need during the sales process.

Many times some general personal information can be found through social media outlets. A bit of research can make a big difference when it comes time for initial small talk. Beginning conversations is tough and by doing background research some of the stress can be relieved. LinkedIn is a great way to build a rough profile of someone to whom you may be making a sale, but be careful not to dive too deep into their personal life.

By finding commonalities, likes, and dislikes you can structure a conversation in a format that will be interesting to both parties and will allow the business relationship to flourish eventually resulting in a development of trust which in turn leads to sales.