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Oz Medicann


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Oz Medicann


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Agriculture, Beverage, Consumer Goods, Education, Healthcare / Life Sciences / Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals


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Company Information

  • Executive Summary
    • OZ Medicann is a leading Australian Cannabis and Hemp cultivator that produces medicinal solutions, consumer products and education programs for medical practitioners. Our short-term vision is to generate revenue and create financial security through our range of consumer products and designing and delivering educational CPD approved programs for medical practitioners.
  • Competitive Advantage
    • Granted one of Australia’s first Hemp Licences for cultivation and supply of consumable Hemp. Partnership agreements with the National Institute of Complimentary Medicine (NICM) and Western Sydney University. Produced and launching Australia’s first Hemp Kombucha starter kit and Australia’s first Hemp Kombucha health drinks and Hemp water. Agreement in principal to supply Hemp to Vitamin companies including Blackmores-BioCeuticals. Contract to supply Addiction food with Hemp products. Partnership with the University designing a medical leadership program for Doctors by Doctors on the benets and prescribing of medicinal cannabis.
  • Corporate Structure
    • Developed and in place. Experienced and skilled advisory board established
  • Exit Strategy
    • Investor ride through to a trade sale, IPO or backdoor listing. Potential trade sale suitor may include an international cannabis or pharmaceutical organisation.


Company Highlights

  • Key Clients
    • Vitamin companies
    • Healthcare companies
    • Cosmetic companies
    • Food companies and wine and beer companies
    • Patients for medicinal cannabis products.
  • Milestones
    • Contracts and agreements in place
    • Hemp licence granted
    • Appointed brand Ambassadors.
    • Partnership with United in Compassion, Advisory board set up clinical trials agreed with Western Sydney University.
    • Highly qualified management team appointed.
    • Hemp Kombucha starter kit ready for soft launch 12 November 2017.
    • The design of the leadership education program for the medical industry for CPD accreditation
  • Projects
    • 12 November 2017 launch of Hemp Kombucha Starter Kits. January launch of Hemp Kombucha. Finalise CPD education programs. Finalise production capacity.


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